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Pretzel Wrapped Hot Dogs with Everything Bagel Spice and Cheesy Mustard Dipping Sauce

Hot dogs are my guilty pleasure. I am fully aware that they are made of hoofs and snouts and whatever other grossness and ground up into a delicious edible phallus looking object and I don’t care. So let’s celebrate that. Plus I made pretzels and topped them with everything bagel spice (the BEST kind of bagel) to really get into it. On top of all of that I decided to dip it into a cheese and mustard sauce.

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Cold Israeli Couscous Salad with Caper Dressing

Israeli couscous (or Pearl couscous) is made from wheat flour, so it tastes very much like pasta, most similar to orzo. The cooking technique is slightly different, but still quite simple! This dish is vegan, but sometimes I serve this up with a grilled pork chop on the side.

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Orange Almond Campfire Cakes

You don’t need any fancy camping gadgets to wow fellow campers with these cakes baked inside oranges. You’ll simply need a fire, some heavy-duty tinfoil, and some spoons to dig in! Since these cakes are also egg and dairy free you can make the batter before you leave home and not worry about keeping it refrigerated until it’s time to eat.

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