Food blog sharing my favourite recipes + based out of Calgary, Alberta

This is a food blog that doubles as a creative outlet to explore and share what I'm learning every day. This has ranged from food photography, food styling, to new cooking techniques as well as building and managing my brand. Therefore, my blog continues to evolve as I do. So, what can I do for you? Besides recipe development, I take photos, style food, and manage and develop social media strategy. I am also a micro-influencer, working with various companies that align with my personal values. 


create + cook + photograph + devour 


Jillian Nowak, 30

I am the founder of Jillian Rae Cooks.

I am a mostly self-taught cook (with the exception of one-day cooking classes here and there) but I have been working with and around food and beverages my whole life in various roles in the restaurant industry. Although my educational background is in psychology, French and public relations, I realized (after spending all of my $$ of course) that I am most passionate about food. I am currently employed at a digital marketing agency, which is a fantastic fit considering everything I do for this blog is online. I was a top 16 contestant on Masterchef Canada Season 4 and as well as a top 10 finalist in the Pillsbury/Betty Crocker Bake It Possible Challenge that aired on the Food Network Canada.