Resolutions: We DONE!

"Ok so I achieved 1/5 goals! I read a book. And not even an audio book. I kept strong with all of the goals for two weeks and then realized that this is why resolutions fail... because they are unrealistic and the dream of self improvement seems better left to those with more will power then I." 

"I am so relieved that this is over. I think the biggest lesson I learned is to not set unrealistic goals for myself. It’s completely demotivating which is the opposite of what I was going for. I only fully accomplished 2 of the 5 goals I had set out without any slipups (I didn’t spend any money or drink any alcohol). I guess in the end what matters most to me is that I am becoming a better version of myself… blah blah blah just joking. What matters most to me is that I BEAT BETH! YAAAAAASSSSSSSSS – SUCCESS!!"