The Resolutions: How Are We Doing?

Update: this is the worst idea we’ve had to date! What were we thinking?!

“I’m so over this. After successfully going vegan for a month I thought I had this on lock. Day 18 came around and things started to crumble. A “friend” (or so I thought) brought over a whole box of Crave cupcakes to a girl’s night in and before I knew it I was choking 2 of those bad boys down at once. I didn’t even stop to breathe- big whoops. I’ve been walking around like a baby giraffe because I am so sore from excessive workouts and I fall into a deep depression once the weekend hits because I’m not allowed to spend money or drink. What’s a girl to do? On the bright side my wallet is heavier and my pants are looser but I don’t think it’s worth it. 10 more days!” - JN


“Going from 0 work outs/week, eating out 2 meals a day, considering candy as a food group and working in a restaurant (where alcohol is super available), to tackling these resolutions, I no longer have a life. I find myself thinking about when I will get my next gym session in and convincing my friends to cook dinner and stay in with me. Turns out that David's Mulled Wine Tea does not even come close to replacing the real thing. I ache all of the time and am a burden on those around me, but cheers to a new me… right?”  -BG

At least we got to eat these unreal Chicken Burgers with Creamy Avocado Slaw