Top 10 Things we Learned During our Vegan Month

1. Majority of people dislike vegans. We experienced a whole lot more eye rolls and scoffs than usual. People assume you are self-righteous and really don’t want to hear about your lifestyle. We have learned to STFU.

2. Biggest perk we have experienced would be some weight/fat loss. This isn’t necessarily because we are being healthier but we have not been mindlessly snacking on other people’s food. We are usually the ones asking to “try” your sandwich when we have already eaten half of it.

3. We became more conscious of what we are eating and where it comes from. We had to spend a lot of time reading labels, which opened our eyes to a lot of gross preservatives being used.

4. We were forced to branch out and find some new restaurants that catered to vegan-friendly diets. Some of these were well known but some were hole-in-the-wall places that actually offered some great food. Find the best local vegan-friendly restaurants and move in.

Pictured above is The Coup, Calgary AB. 

5. We embraced green on green on green. We needed to get creative with our salads so that we stayed satisfied.

6. Smoothies became our new best friend. They are the most convenient and filling breakfast on the go.

7. Pre-packaged vegan meals are terrible. If you want this lifestyle to work and be sustainable you’ve got to get used to cooking a lot. The same goes for “fake” products or replicas of things that are made from animals i.e. fake meat and cheese. We found it much more satisfying and delicious to eat foods that were inherently vegan i.e. bruschetta, falafels, smoothies, salads, etc. 

8. Being a vegan does not necessarily mean you are healthy. We’ve come to realize that it is very easy to get fat while being vegan. If you’re not being careful what tends to happen is that you replace protein with carbs. Here are a few vegan and “accidentally” vegan treats that we binged on to make it through the month. YOLO

9. A lot of people are asking if we’ve been feeling better since we’ve switched up our diets. And the honest answer is we have no idea because we have substituted all the foods we can’t eat with copious amounts of alcohol. We’ve felt pretty tired this whole month but we are almost certain it has more to do with all of the margaritas we’ve been drinking and less to do with cutting out animal products.

Pictured above is the Moai Tiki Punch from The Coup.

10. It’s extremely inconvenient. Want a snack on the go and don’t want to think about it? Too bad. Unless you are eating extremely unsatisfying snacks like apples and carrots (which you should but c’mon), you’ve got to be prepared.